Dr. Greg Speegle

Dr. Greg Speegle

Professor, Computer Science
Dr. Greg Speegle


  • Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin (1990)
  • BS, Baylor University (1984)

Research Focus

  • Database and big data analysis
  • Automatic integration of big data tools
  • Big data query processing


Research Background

Speegle works on two distinct projects. The first is CT³: Central Texas Computational Thinking, Coding and Tinkering, which is designed to train certified public-school teachers to become certified computer science teachers. The second is development of a general parallelization theory in order to advance automated parallel computation beyond MapReduce.

Recent Classes

  • CSI 3335 Introduction to Database Design
  • CSI 5335 Advanced Database

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Contact Info:

Email: Greg_Speegle@baylor.edu

Phone: (254) 710-4252

Academic Specialization:


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Dr. Speegle's research focuses on database and big data analysis, automatic integration of big data tools, and big data query processing.