Why Baylor University Online?

Why Baylor University Online?

Why Baylor University's Online Masters in Computer Science

Baylor University’s Master's in Computer Science online degree program prepares its graduates for the highest-demand roles in Software Engineering. Our curriculum emphasizes technical proficiency, innovative thinking, ethical considerations, and the trends shaping science and technology on a global scale.

Designed for students with a bachelor’s in computer science or a math-focused undergrad degree, this program will prepare you for leadership in computing.

  • Developed for maximum demand — earn advanced credentials and skills for leading computer science roles.
  • Instills innovative thinking — gain comprehensive knowledge and thoughtful skill-building for technology leaders.
  • Globally connected, ethically centered — consider the human aspects surrounding technology in an increasingly connected and diverse world.

About Us

The computer science degree program at Baylor represents topics such as programming and programming languages, hardware and software systems design, and formal languages and computation theory. These topics are represented in its curriculum, which is modeled on the standards of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), the professional society for computer science.

Hallmarks of the Department of Computer Science at Baylor are similar to programs across the campus: individual advising, a highly-qualified faculty, small classes, and a commitment to education.

Most faculty members have research, industrial or consulting experience in addition to Ph.D. degrees. Faculty and students enhance their knowledge of computer science by participating in professional organizations and activities.

The Computer Science Department provides a transformational educational experience in a Christian context through personalized mentoring and instruction, advanced scholarship, professional practice, and service that prepares our graduates for lifelong learning and ethically responsible leadership in the field.