Online Experience

Online Experience

The Baylor University Online Experience

Baylor University provides students with a competitively robust education through the integration of faith and academic excellence. Students can expect the same level of quality education through the online format.

The coursework is available to you in the virtual learning environment 24 hours a day, which allows you to complete your degree while working around your work and personal schedule.

Students stay with the same classmates throughout their degree, allowing for meaningful relationships and impactful conversations.

In addition, students are provided a Student Success Advisor as a resource who will work with them from their entrance into a program all the way through graduation.


Hear What Our Students Are Saying:


“The faculty show great commitment to the students at Baylor and they’ll be people we can go back to after our experiences at the university and still call upon them for help in the industry or advice or even if there’s a really difficult problem to solve I know they’ll be there to give me guidance on those issues.”

-Kayla Garrett
Humanitarian Engineering Student