Dr. Jeff Donahoo

Dr. Jeff Donahoo

Professor, Computer Science
Dr. Jeff Donahoo


  • Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology (1998)
  • MS, Baylor University (1993)
  • BS, Baylor University (1991)

Contact Info:

Email: Jeff_Donahoo@baylor.edu

Phone: (254) 710-6836


A major impediment to large-scale information access involves the difficulties in handling the burgeoning demands on information dissemination technologies. To truly achieve scale requires the implementation of application-specific routing services that enable efficient use of network resources, such as concast, multicast, broadcast, subcast, and anycast. Unfortunately, the deployment of such services at the network-layer seems unlikely due to volatile policy and security barriers; therefore, Dr. Donahoo’s s most recent work focuses on circumventing these obstacles by providing appropriate services at the application-layer in overlay network topologies. While this approach promises significant improvement in overall scalability for network and system resources, the effective use of such networking services is by no means automatic. Dr. Donahoo’s research focuses on the interplay among routing services, transport protocols, and information dissemination problem domains with the intent to develop and point the way to technologies that address the challenge of extending traditional information dissemination applications to a world with ubiquitous information expectations.

Recent Classes

  • Data Communication (CSI4321)
  • Introduction to Operating Systems (CSI4337)
  • Introduction to Cybersecurity
  • Competitive Cybersecurity
  • Advanced Data Communication (CSI5321)

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Academic Specialization:

Cybersecurity and Networking

Networking & Cybersecurity; cryptocurrency & multicurrency, P2P (Peer-to-peer) protocol, incentive systems, P2P storage systems, competitive cybersecurity.